Essay On Youth The Promise Of Tomorrow

These are troubled times that we live in – internal strife on one hand and natural calamity on the other; extremists threatening to bomb our country and dissidents threatening to tear our country. Even after 67 years of independence, we face an agrarian crisis at the same time as promoting digital creation. While our farmers commit suicide, our engineers commit to other countries; the people of our country continue to protest.

In the past few months, demonstrations have been carried out across the country by the youth. Colleges and universities have seen a surge in the youth coming out and protesting on issues which, a few years earlier, would have gone largely unnoticed. Be it quota, be it suicide, be it administrative failures, the youth has been making itself heard and seen. From the kiss of love to the cry for azadi, no one can deny the young ones have started to come out.

This trend has been attributed to many factors. Electronic age, social media, digital connectivity etc. have all been equally blamed and ways to control them have been explored. Authorities have tried to clamp down and political parties have tried to shut them up. But they, the youth, have persisted with what can only be said to be a growing sense of romanticism. The jubilation at being arrested, the fervour of protest, the alacrity of spirit with which they embrace the title of subversive is equal part chilling and admirable.

All this comes from the idea of the legacy we stand to inherit. A legacy which, despite all its faults and plaudits, is ours to bear and uphold. A legacy over which we had no say but it is ours to defend.

The question then arises, why should we defend a legacy which came into being despite our mute reservations?

We are the youth. It is us who will be the future of this country. It will fall on us to take our society forward into the darkness of the future and navigate our way by the light of the ideals handed down to us. That the youth also uses the same ideals to understand the present is something our political masters may not have accounted for.

When the time comes for the mantle of leadership to be passed on, it becomes the duty of the youth to take the mantle, but along with it the understanding of how that weight came to be so heavy. The responsibility of the people in the country is accompanied by the expectations and the promulgations of all the generations past. To not understand the scope of this will be a sin.

When the time does come, would one rather have someone who may remember the declarations of political heavy weights but not the reason they were made? Or someone who may be declared a dissenter, but is the first to stand to clear the dissent?

While the present politics views the youth as a vote bank, the youth have woken up to their voice; and having discovered a roar in the place of a voice and, they will not back down. They have seen the result of being quiet. They have felt the oppression of being mere spectators while their lives were changed by people who have never seen their part of the world.

Witness to hardship, daring to dream with the clarity of mind to seek that which they desire, the youth of our country is also our future – a future which choses to question the now to better stand in the time to come. To dare to voice thoughts which no one earlier had the guts, to be labelled seditious and wear it with pride.

As such there seem to be no studies which support or dispute this thought. There may not be much to give a statistical twist to make the argument stick. There is knowledge that the people, the youth, have heard themselves, and finding more to accept and identify with than all the speeches and so claimed promises, have started to make real their stand as the future of our country.

Ranveer Raj Bhatnagar

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Youths of every race and dimension, have always stood center stage in the socio-economic developments of nations across the globe. They represent a measure of success or failure for every State or region based on what governments do with them and for them. They could be the driving force behind the development and peaceful existence of any nation or region. It is therefore no surprise that when youths decide to galvanize their passions and desires into real action, one could see strength and meaning written all over such passion. And so it is with the vibrant youths of the Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter of the APC North America headed by the no-nonsense Youths Director, Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray.
He, and his team of dedicated youths of the Washington DC Metro Chapter are making history and revitalizing the efforts to rekindle the inner spirit to do the good things that are expected of youths in any given community or environment.   As Director of the Youth Wing, he and his members have recognized the importance of connecting with the youths in Sierra Leone in a way that has never before been though of by anyone. The youths of the APC Washington DC Chapter are going to lead the selfless campaign of feeding; or rather, sharing sumptuous food with the youths of Sierra Leone sometime in April 2011; all in the name of solidifying the promise to engage the youths in something meaningful in place of violence and the barrel of a gun. The long term goal is to make this event a National and annual carnival for all youths in and outside of Sierra Leone in collaboration with all existing Sierra Leone youth organizations in the country and around the world.   This cannot happen without the support of the wider membership of APC North America and all Sierra Leoneans of other denominations in North America and around the world. The contributions of all Sierra Leoneans would come in the form of buying a raffle ticket for just $25.00 but with the potential to win a round trip ticket to Sierra Leone or win other assorted prizes.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to help the Sierra Leone youth while enjoying the proceeds of your efforts. Please call 202-528-0274 or 301-502-2201 or 602-413-9373 to purchase your ticket before the raffle event of February 9th 2011. This will just be another golden opportunity for you to say to yourself – it was good and rewarding that I did!



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