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Undergraduate Courses

S131-S132 Beginning Spanish I-II (4-4 cr.) Introductory language sequence of courses. Emphasis on developing basic speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills as well as awareness of Hispanic cultures.

S142-S143 Beginning Spanish for Law Enforcement I-II (3 or 4 cr.) Beginning language instruction in Spanish with an emphasis on the communicative needs of law enforcement personnel. Service-learning component available.

S160-S161 Beginning Spanish for Health Care Personnel I-II (3-3 cr.) Beginning language instruction in Spanish with an emphasis on the communicative needs of health care personnel. Service-learning component available.

S203 Second-Year Spanish I (3 cr.) P: S119 or S312, or 8-10 credit hours of college-level Spanish or placement by testing. A continuation of training in the four skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

S204 Second-Year Spanish II (3 cr.) P: S203 or 10-14 credit hours of college-level Spanish or placement by testing. Continuation of S203.

S311 Spanish Grammar (3 cr.) P: S204 or equivalent. This course is designed to integrate the four basic language skills into a review of the major points of Spanish grammar. Course work will combine grammar exercises with brief controlled compositions based on reading assignments and class discussion in Spanish.

S313 Writing Spanish (3 cr.) P: S204 or equivalent. Students are strongly encouraged to have already successfully completed English W131 before enrolling in S313. Grammar review, composition, and themes in Spanish with a focus on the development of academic writing skills. This course is not open to native or heritage speakers.  Native and heritage speakers must take S318.

S315 Spanish in the Business World (3 cr.) P: S204 or equivalent. Introduction to the technical language of the business world with emphasis on problems of style, composition, and translation in the context of Hispanic mores.

S317 Spanish Conversation and Diction (3 cr.) P: S204 or equivalent. Not open to heritage or native speakers of Spanish. Intensive controlled conversation correlated with readings, reports, debates, and group discussions, with emphasis on vocabulary usage, word order, tense relationships, and linguistic devices. Class time is the same as for a 4 credit hour course. May be repeated once for credit.

S318 Writing Spanish For Heritage Speakers (3 cr.) P: S204 or by equivalent placement by department/instructor.  This course required for native Spanish-speakers to earn special credit (S298). Spanish-S 318 is a course that focuses on developing the literacy and writing skills of students who need additional practice and accuracy with standard written Spanish.  It is designed for native speakers and/or heritage speakers of Spanish.  "Native" speakers are students who graduated from a high school in a Spanish-speaking country. "Heritage" speakers are students whose dominant language is English but who have had significant exposure to Spanish at home or in a Spanish-speaking country.  Students who do not fit into either of these categories should register for SPAN-S 313.

S319 Spanish for Health Care Personnel (3 cr.) P: S204 or equivalent. A course designed specifically for those interested in learning Spanish in the context of material related to health care systems. Emphasis placed on vocabulary necessary for communicative competence in the medical fields.

S323 Introduction to Translating Spanish and English (3 cr.) P: S313 or consent of instructor. A comparative study of the style and grammar of both languages with a focus on the difficulties involved in translating. Introduction to the techniques and process of translation through intensive practice.

S326 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (3 cr.) P: S313 or consent of instructor. Introduces the basic concepts of Hispanic linguistics and establishes the background for the future application of linguistic principles. The course surveys linguistic properties in Spanish, including honology, morphology, and syntax. Additional introductory material on historical linguistics, second language acquisition, semantics, and sociolinguistics will be included. PUL=2,1A

S360 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3 cr.) P: S313 or consent of instructor. Using fiction, drama, and poetry from both Spain and Latin America, this course introduces strategies to increase reading comprehension and presents terms and concepts useful in developing the critical skills of literary analysis.

S363 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 cr.) P: S313 or consent of instructor. Introduction to the cultural history of Spanish-speaking countries with emphasis on its literary, artistic, social, economic, and political aspects.

S407 Survey of Spanish Literature I (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. A historical survey that covers major authors, genres, periods, and movements from the Spanish Middle Ages through the Baroque period of the seventeenth century. Readings include prose works, poetry, and drama.

S408 Survey of Spanish Literature II (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. A historical survey of Spanish literature that covers the main current of Spain’s literary history in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Readings in prose, poetry, and drama by Larra, Pérez Galdós, Unamuno, García Lorca, and other representative writers.

S411 Spanish Culture and Civilization (3 cr.) P: S313 and S363, or consent of instructor. A course to integrate historical, social, political, and cultural information about Spain.

S412 Latin American Culture and Civilization (3 cr.) P: S313 and S363, or consent of instructor. A course to integrate historical, social, political, and cultural information about Spanish America.

S419 Spanish for Law Enforcement (3 cr.) P: S313 or consent of instructor. Specialized vocabulary necessary for law enforcement professionals in the course of their daily work. Sight and written translation of legal documents, court records, and the language of the courtroom and courtroom procedures. Intensive classroom practice and language laboratory exercises focus on use of specialized vocabulary to help prepare students for communicative competence in this terminology. Information on becoming certified court interpreters, and review of federal standards for interpreters.

S421 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 cr.) P: S311 and S313, or consent of instructor. Selected grammar review and intensive practice in effective use of the written language.

S423 The Craft of Translation (3 cr.) P: S313 and S323, or consent of instructor. Basic introductory course in translation. The problems and techniques of Spanish/English and English/Spanish translation using a variety of texts and concentrating on such critical areas as stylistics, tone, rhythms, imagery, nuance, allusion, etc.

S425 Spanish Phonetics (3 cr.) P: S326 or equivalent Intensive patterned pronunciation drills and exercises in sound discrimination and transcription, based on detailed articulatory description of standard Spanish of Spain and Latin America. Attendance in language laboratory required. PUL=1A,2

S427 The Structure of Spanish (3 cr.)  P: S313 and S326 or consent of instructor Introduction to Spanish Syntax. Study of the basic principles to express constituency and syntactic dependencies, as well as the mechanism to account for cross-linguistic and cross-dialectal syntactic variation. PUL=2,1A

S428 Applied Spanish Linguistics (3 cr.) P: S313 and S326, or consent of instructor. General aspects of Spanish phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics as they bear on teaching.

S429 Medical Interpreting (3 cr.) P: 300-level Spanish and S319, or consent of instructor. Advanced course for native Spanish speakers or advanced-level students who are considering a career in medical interpreting. Focus on reading, interpreting and translation, as well as intensive practice in interpretation from and into English and Spanish in the health care field.

S430 Legal Spanish (3 cr.) P: 300-level Spanish or consent of instructor. Advanced course for native speakers of Spanish or advanced students in Spanish who are considering careers in the legal professions. Course begins with general knowledge of legal Spanish and focuses on reading, communicative activities, interpreting, and translation.

S440 Hispanic Sociolinguistics (3 cr.) P: S326 or equivalent. Topics include sociolinguistic and phonological and syntactic variation, field methods, discourse analysis, language and power, language ideology, language attitudes, languages in contact, language and gender, language and the law, bilingualism, linguistic politeness, and speech act theory.

S441 The Acquisition of Spanish (3 cr.) P: S326 or equivalent. Examines current topics in the acquisition of Spanish. Provides an introduction to research on the first and/or second language acquisition of Spanish and to the pedagogical applications of these findings. Students develop a background in these fields and have opportunities to link theory and practice.

S445 Major Dramatists of the Golden Age I (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. Lectures outlining the development of the theater during the Golden Age. Readings selected from the works of Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, Calderón.

S450 Cervantes’ Don Quixote I (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. Intensive reading of Don Quixote, with account of the author’s life and thought and discussions of the development of the novel to Cervantes’ time.

S455 Modern Spanish Drama I (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. Selected readings from the works of representative authors of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, with lectures on the development of the Spanish theater.

S468 Varieties of Spanish (3 cr.) P: 363, or consent of instructor.  This course is an advanced descriptive analysis of the varieties of Spanish spoken around the globe. A detailed analysis of the phonetic, lexical and morphosyntactic aspects of such varieties is provided with an aim to define its different macrodialectal areas, including Spanish in the US and Creole languages.

S470 Women and Hispanic Literature (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. The Hispanic woman within her cultural context through literary texts. Topics such as women authors, characters, themes, and feminist criticism.

S471-S472 Spanish-American Literature I-II (3-3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. Introduction to Spanish-American literature.

S477 Twentieth-Century Spanish-American Prose Fiction (3 cr.) P: S313 and S360, or consent of instructor. Close readings of representative novelists and short story writers, including established authors (Borges, Asturias, Arreola, Carpentier) and promising young writers.

S487 Capstone Internship in Spanish (3 cr.) P: Senior standing in Spanish, with authorization. Senior-level option for Spanish majors who must complete a capstone course for the B.A. in Spanish. Students apply the skills gained in undergraduate coursework in Spanish to an internship in a professional setting where the use of Spanish is required. Students produce a portfolio, a reflective journal, a written project on the internship, and a final oral presentaion.

S493 Internship Program in Spanish (3 cr.) P: junior standing with authorization. Students work in businesses, organizations, or institutions applying their skills in Spanish in order to gain awareness of the uses of Spanish in the workplace. They record and analyze their experiences through logs and meetings with the internship director and write a research paper. Open to IUPUI students only.

S494 Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies (1-3 cr.) P: S313 with authorization. Topic to be selected by the student with the consent of the Director. Topic may not duplicate the content of an already existing course. May not be taken for graduate credit. Open to IUPUI majors in Spanish only or students in the Certificate in Translation Studies and Interpreting program.

S495 Hispanic Colloquium (3 cr.) P: S313 or consent of instructor. Topic to be selected by the faculty member offering the course. May be taken twice for credit as long as the topic is different.

S496 Foreign Study in Spanish (3-6 cr.) P: authorization of Director. Planning of a research project during the year preceding the summer abroad. Time spent in research abroad must amount to at least one week for each credit hour granted. Research paper must be presented by the end of the semester following foreign study.

S498 Capstone Seminar in Spanish (3 cr.) P: Senior standing in Spanish with authorization. Senior-level course for Spanish majors that integrates students’ undergraduate study. Students showcase academic progress through a portfolio, a reflective journal, discussions with the faculty capstone director, and a final presentation to students and faculty.

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External sources (not reviewed)

Each participant must chooseacapstone project,which will be carried [...]
out in the programme's final stage.
Cada participantes debe elegir un proyecto final, que desarrollará [...]
en la última etapa del programa.
[...] assignments, tests, andacapstone projectat the end of the course.
Los estudiantes son clasificados por
[...] tareas, exámenes y un proyecto de culminación al final [...]
Proficiency must be demonstrated by two measures:
end-of-course examinations and
[...] exhibitions (may be a seniorproject, capstone project,or portfolio exhibition [...]
awarded certificate of initial mastery).
Las habilidades deben demostrarse por dos medidas: exámenes de fin de
curso y trabajos estudiantiles
[...] (pueden ser proyectos de último año, proyectos requeridos "capstone" [...]
o portafolio o muestras que
han obtenido un premio de maestría inicial).
Students will integrate a variety of technology equipment to presentacapstone project.
Ellos serán capaces de mantener, actualizar y recuperar datos cuando sea necesario.
Hercapstoneresearchprojectexplored the use of [...]
emerging web resources to engage donors and volunteers with the mission of a nonprofit organization.
Su proyecto de investigación final exploró el uso [...]
de los recursos emergentes de Internet para comprometer a donantes y voluntarios
con la misión de una organización sin fines de lucro.
[...] is the seniorcapstonecourse of theProjectLead the Way [...]
( pre-engineering sequence.
[...] corona decana del curso del Proyecto Lead the Way ( [...]
en la secuencia de preingeniería.
Thecapstoneof the building is notable; [...]
it has a historiated attic with a long series of windows separated by graceful
columns and a richly-sculpted eave.
Destaca el coronamiento del edificio, [...]
con un ático historiado que ostenta una larga teoría de ventanas separadas por graciosas
columnas y un alero ricamente esculpido.
[...] that this is thecapstoneof influence she [...]
holds over the government of the United States, a nation that
was founded on anti-Roman Catholic principles.
[...] esta es la piedra fundamental de su influencia [...]
sobre el gobierno de los Estados Unidos, una nación que
fue fundada en principios anti-católicos.
The Junior Achievement programme, present in 19 African
countries, includes six sequential themes for pupils from kindergarten level up to fifth
[...] grade, plus onecapstoneexperience.
El programa Junior Achievement, presente en 19 países
africanos, comprende seis módulos sucesivos para niños desde el jardín de infantes
[...] hasta el 5º curso y un proyecto final.
A newcapstoneat the Limmat River [...]
marks the death of Felix Manz and other Anabaptists.
Una nueva placa junto al río Limmat [...]
recuerda la muerte de Félix Manz y otros anabautistas.
These included presentations at three university classes, four churches, one interfaith
group, a Theosophical Society, a business-networking
[...] group, and two atCapstoneHouse (a "futuristic [...]
Estas incluyeron presentaciones en tres departamentos universitarios, cuatro iglesias, un grupo
interreligioso, una Sociedad Teosófica, un grupo de red de
[...] negocios, y dos en Capstone House (un "centro [...]
futurista de aprendizaje").
The External Auditor will again review the implementation of all outstanding
recommendations prior to the end of their
[...] mandate in a"capstone"report which [...]
will be submitted to the Executive Board.
Antes de que finalice su mandato, la Auditora Externa volverá a examinar de nuevo la
aplicación de todas las recomendaciones pendientes
[...] de aplicación en un informe final que [...]
se someterá al Consejo Ejecutivo.
That inauguration was thecapstonein a process that saw, [...]
in a very short four years, the installation of an interim, and
subsequently a transitional, authority, the adoption of a new democratic constitution, the holding of presidential elections and, most recently, the parliamentary elections of September 2005.
Esta inauguración fue el colofón de un proceso en el cual, en un período [...]
muy corto de cuatro años, se instauró una autoridad
provisional -y, posteriormente, una autoridad de transición-, se aprobó una nueva Constitución democrática, se celebraron elecciones presidenciales y, más recientemente, las elecciones parlamentarias de septiembre de 2005.
Member States expressed appreciation for the work done to
[...] develop a doctrinecapstonedocument.
Los Estados Miembros expresaron su agradecimiento por los trabajos
[...] realizados para elaborar un documento orgánico [...]
The benchmarks have been linked to the guidelines for the integrated mission priorities and implementation plan and the integrated mission planning process, and
they are also aligned with the more
[...] recently developed"capstonedoctrine", set [...]
out in the 2008 document of the Department
of Peacekeeping Operations and the Department of Field Support entitled "United Nations peacekeeping operations: principles and guidelines".
Los elementos de referencia se han vinculado a las directrices del plan de prioridades y ejecución de la misión integrada y el proceso de
planificación integrada, y también se han
[...] ajustado a la reciente "doctrina general" [...]
expuesta en el documento preparado en
2008 por el Departamento de Operaciones de Mantenimiento de la Paz y el Departamento de Apoyo a las Actividades sobre el Terreno y titulado "Operaciones de las Naciones Unidas para el mantenimiento de la paz: principios y directrices".
You are members of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with
[...] Christ Jesus himself as thecapstone.
Estáis edificados sobre el cimiento de los apóstoles y profetas, y el mismo
[...] Cristo Jesús es la piedra angular.
Completion and dissemination of the mission start-up field guide and dissemination of thecapstonedoctrine document
Ultimación y difusión de la Guía práctica de puesta en marcha de misiones y comunicación del documento sobre la doctrina principal
United Nations peacekeeping operations: principles and guidelines("capstonedoctrine")
Operaciones de mantenimiento de la paz de las Naciones Unidas: principios y directrices ("doctrina Capstone")
Within DPKO, we have struggled with some of these questions in the
enunciation of our internal
[...] publication - the so-calledcapstonedoctrine - on principles [...]
and guidelines for United Nations
peacekeeping, which sets out our views, from the implementation perspective, about what modern peacekeeping is doing and what it is able to do.
En el Departamento de Operaciones de Mantenimiento de la Paz nos hemos esforzado por
ocuparnos de estas cuestiones en nuestra
[...] publicación interna -la llamada doctrina capstone- [...]
sobre los principios y las directrices
de las operaciones de mantenimiento de la paz de las Naciones Unidas, donde exponemos nuestras opiniones, desde el punto de vista de la ejecución, sobre lo que el mantenimiento de la paz moderno está haciendo y sobre lo que es capaz de hacer.
A priority in 2007 will be to continue the development of an overarching or"capstone"doctrinal publication to help define and describe modern United Nations peacekeeping.
En 2007 será prioritario seguir adelante con la preparación de una publicación relativa a la doctrina general que ayude a definir y describir las operaciones de las Naciones Unidas para el mantenimiento de la paz en nuestros días.
Mary Umlauf, a professor at the
[...] University of AlabamaCapstoneCollege of Nursing [...]
in Tuscaloosa and a noted nocturia researcher,
said the study could play an important role in dispelling "old wives' tales" about nocturia.
Mary Umlauf, profesora en la Facultad de enfermería Capstone de la
[...] Universidad de Alabama en Tuscaloosa y célebre [...]
investigadora en nocturia, dijo que el
estudio podría tener un papel importante para disipar las "supersticiones" en torno a la nocturia.
WFP was involved in the development of integrated mission guidance notes, TheCapstoneDoctrine and a UNDG/World Bank partnership note for transition situations.
El PMA intervino en la elaboración de notas de orientación para las misiones integradas, de la doctrina Capstone y de una nota del PNUD y el Banco Mundial para situaciones de transición.
In this way persons with disabilities, who previously were the stones rejected by the builders of society, have now become thecapstonein the building of a democratic Mongolia and of solidarity, equality and freedom.
De esta manera, las personas con discapacidad, que antes eran piedras desechadas por los constructores de la sociedad, hoy se convierten en piedras angulares en el edificio de una Mongolia democrática, de solidaridad, de igualdad y de libertad.
The Special Committee welcomes the progress made in the
[...] development of thecapstonedoctrine document.
El Comité Especial acoge con beneplácito los progresos logrados en la
[...] elaboración del documento sobre doctrina general.
Carla was a"CapstoneDesign Competition" [...]
(Ontario, Canada) winner for the design of a waste-water treatment plant and sour
water treatment for an oil refinery.
Ganadora del "Capstone Desing Competition"
[...] (Ontario, Canadá) por el diseño de una planta [...]
de tratamiento de agua y aguas amargas en refinerías.
The Coordinator will also work with substantive areas of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations to identify and deliver on priority guidance requirements, as well as with other United Nations partners to develop joint policy initiatives between the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Department of Political Affairs and the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery/United Nations Development
Programme, and to coordinate external inputs, including from Member States, into
[...] a high level"capstonedoctrine" document.
El coordinador también trabajará en esferas sustantivas del Departamento para determinar y cubrir las necesidades de orientación prioritarias, y colaborará con otros asociados de las Naciones Unidas para elaborar iniciativas normativas conjuntas entre el Departamento de Operaciones de Mantenimiento de la Paz y la Oficina del Alto Comisionado para los Derechos Humanos, la Oficina de Coordinación de Asuntos Humanitarios, el Departamento de Asuntos Políticos y la Dirección de Prevención de Crisis y Recuperación del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo, y coordinar las
contribuciones externas, incluidas las de los Estados Miembros, en un documento
[...] de alto nivel sobre la doctrina adoptada [...]
Prophecies about Jesus' identity: the true King (riding on a donkey, 21:4); Jesus as the object of children's praise because God ordained it that way (21:16); Jesus
as the stone rejected by the builders,
[...] but someday thecapstone(21:42); Jesus [...]
as Son of David, Messiah & Lord (22:43-44).
Las profecías entorno a la identidad de Jesús: el Rey verdadero (montado en un pollino, 21:4); Jesús como objeto de las alabanzas de los niños porque así lo había ordenado Dios (21:16); Jesús como la piedra rechazada por
los constructores, pero que se
[...] convertiría en la piedra angular (21:42); Jesús [...]
como el Hijo de David, Mesías y Señor (22:43-44).
The Secretariat is grateful for the support of Member States which have sponsored informal gatherings to discuss the"capstone"doctrine and looks forward to continued collaboration in that important exercise so as to produce a useful resource for all future peacekeepers.
La Secretaría agradece el apoyo de los Estados Miembros que han patrocinado reuniones oficiosas para discutir la doctrina general y espera que se siga colaborando en esta importante labor con miras a crear un recurso útil para todo el personal futuro de mantenimiento de la paz.
In 2008, the Department of Peacekeeping Operations produced a document entitled "United Nations peacekeeping operations: principles and guidelines" - better known as theCapstoneDoctrine - which set out the elements that DPKO considers key for the successful conduct of peacekeeping operations.
En 2008, el Departamento de Operaciones de Mantenimiento de la Paz elaboró un documento titulado "Operaciones de las Naciones Unidas para el mantenimiento de la paz: principios y directrices", más conocido como Doctrina Capstone, en el que se enuncian los elementos que el Departamento de Operaciones de Mantenimiento de la Paz considera esenciales para el éxito de las operaciones de este tipo.

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