Martin Luther King Role Model Essay Sample

I’m sure you hear a lot about having good role models, maybe even to the point of being a little tired of it. In a few days, Americans will be officially celebrating one of its most esteemed and inspirational people.

Most Americans, and many throughout the world, have probably heard about Martin Luther King, Jr. before. But, today I want to talk about how he can be a great role model in helping you become more confident, successful, popular, and make you a better leader.

If you can become like him, you’ll succeed in whatever you do.

He Had Courage

Standing up for yourself and your values make other admire you. King stood up for his values of equality for all people, even in the face of extreme opposition. He was hated by many, but beloved by countless more (his haters don’t have a holiday named after them, do they?).

At school, you should never compromise your values just to fit in. In most cases, even those who disagree with you will admire you, so long as you aren’t overbearing, obnoxious, or negative about your positions. Speaking of that…

He Used Power, Not Force

Many people resort to force to get their opinions heard (maybe even your parents, teachers, and friends). “Force” behaviors and attitudes include using shame, guilt, apathy, violence, and threats.

Martin Luther King, Jr didn’t work that way. He used true power: courage, love, and peace, to persuade and inspire, which came through his example of non-violence.

Sometimes you may feel like you have to belittle others or even bully them to be heard. You’ll be heard, but only briefly, before being hated. Be confident and stick to your values. But, also be kind and understanding. Be cool. Don’t resort to force, whether physical or emotional.

He Included

Popularity and leadership are ultimately a numbers game, where you win over as many people as possible. Martin Luther King didn’t care about popularity, but he did care about bringing in anyone willing to help his cause.

He didn’t insist his supporters be of one religion, race, or political position. If you want to be popular and a leader, you have to take this same view.

Don’t restrict your friends to one group of people, like the rich kids or athletes. Who knows? Maybe the person you thought was a jerk or “beneath you” is actually a pretty cool person.

So, on Martin Luther King Day, and every day, I hope you can follow his path and stand up for your values, while also being cool and inclusive towards other people.

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Martin Luther King As A Role Model

Martin Luther King as a Role Model Everyone has someone that they look up to. It may be a hero or a role
model. Martin Luther King serves as a role model for many African
Americans because of his contributions and fight towards civil rights.
King became very popular and touched the lives of many. According to
Robert A. Divine and other authors of America Past and Present, the
arrest of Rosa Parks sparked a massive protest movement that witnessed
the emergence of Martin Luther King, Jr., as an eloquent new spokesman
for African Americans.

King led a prominent bus boycott in honor of Mrs. Parks. The boycott
successfully ended a year later when the Supreme Court ruled the
Alabama segregated law unconstitutional. As a result, King became well
known around the world with his belief of passive resistance. He
visited Third World leaders in Africa and in Asia and paid homage to
Ghandi. He led a victorious Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington in 1957 on
the third anniversary of the Brown decision. He held many vigils and
led many protests to end segregation. King founded the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to promote others to fight
against segregation a year after the bus boycott. Then, in April 1960,
he found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). These
newly formed coalitions led to "dramatic success for the movement, but
also ushered in a period of heightened tension and social turmoil in
the 1960s.

By 1968, he was winning the hearts and minds of more and more
Americans on both sides of the color line. His efforts successfully
merged the anti-Vietnam war movement and the civil rights movement,
and the awful reality of the black situation in America could no
longer be hidden behind the "white curtain". On March 28, 1968, King
led a march through Memphis, Tennessee, which, like all his marches,
was intended to have been peaceful and non-violent. But thanks to a
gang called "The Invaders," the march disintegrated into rioting and
looting. King barely escaped the March 28 event unharmed, and swore to
return to Memphis and "conduct this demonstration properly - with no
violence." The date for the new march was set at April 4, 1968. This
time, King would not survive his fateful trip to Memphis.

Additionally, local newspapers criticized King when he announced he
was coming back to Memphis for a second round. Among other comments,
the local press criticized him for staying at a white-owned Holiday
Inn, instead of the Motel Lorraine, which was black-owned. Hoping to
avoid further antagonistic press in wake of the disastrous March 28
demonstration, King's camp switched his accommodations to a room at
the Motel Lorraine, where he died on April 4. From a security
standpoint, changing King's lodging...

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