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School Accountability Report Card

Single Plan for Student Achievement

Each school in San José Unified annually develops a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). This plan includes the academic goals the school will be working on during the year and shows how the school will be using the funds allocated to the site.

The SPSA is written with the help of the School Site Council, which then approves the final document and forwards it to the Board of Education for their approval.

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Course Information

Grade 6 Course Selection
Grade 7 Course Selection
Grade 8 Course Selection

Homework Center

Homework center is open Monday-Thursday from 4:00-4:50 and will begin on Tuesday, September 5th

In order to attend, students need to complete a permission slip that is signed by a parent or guardian. Permission slips are available this week in the Student Services office.

Students arriving to Homework Center after 4:10 will not be admitted.

Students may attend between 1-4 days per week and the days may vary each week. Once students have signed in to the Homework Center they may not leave before 4:50 without being signed out by a parent/guardian.

We provide a 5:00 late bus for students with a bus pass.

Uniform Policy

Castillero Uniform Policy

Download Uniform Policy(Spanish)

Castillero MS adheres to the uniform policy outlined below and follows district policy for appearance dress code found in the San Jose Unified School District Handbook. Uniforms are available at a variety of stores including, but not limited to, Target, Merry Mart, and Walmart. Please use this guide when shopping for your Castillero MS Uniform.


  • Must be solid white, black, gray, green, brown, or a two or three tone combination of these colors.
  • The only writing on the backpack is the student’s name written once.
  • Belt

  • Must be solid white, gray, black, green, or brown.
  • Buckle must be plain with no initials, pictures, or designs.
  • Sweatshirt / Sweater

  • Must be white, black, uniform gray, or green.
  • Must not have wording, pictures, designs, or patches except for a small, discrete brand name or logo and those issued by Castillero.
  • Hoods are not to be worn indoors.
  • A student not following these rules will turn in his/her jacket/sweater/sweatshirt to a staff person and will be offered a loaner, if available. The student’s item may be picked up at the end of the school day in the attendance office with the understanding that it is to remain at home and the loaned item must be returned at this time.
  • Pants / Shorts

  • Must be uniform gray only and made of cotton or twill (denim included).
  • No sweats are permitted except Castillero sweats.
  • No cargo pants or cargo shorts.
  • No basketball shorts.
  • Must be owrn at the waist and be size appropriate. Tight, spandex, extra wide, extra full, extra long, baggy or “sagger” pants are not allowed.
  • the pants waist cannot be more then one regular size larger than the student’s waist and the legs must not bunch at the shoe or hit the floor.
  • No low rise/low waist/hip hugger pants are allowed.
  • Shorts are no shorter the 3 inches above the knee and no longer than mid-knee.
  • Must be hemmed or cuffed. No shredding or tearing of the bottom of the pant lag is allowed.
  • Polo Shirt / Turtleneck / School T’s

  • Shirts must be a polo shirt with a collar, turtle neck or Castillero T-Shirt.
  • Must be solid white, uniform gray, forest green, or black.
  • Please purchase shirts of adequate length to cover the entire torso.
  • Polo shirts must have a collar and may have long or short sleeves.
  • If an undershirt is worn, it must be a uniform color.
  • Castillero Scholar and the school activity shirts are acceptable.
  • Team shirts for After School All Starts and 8th grade basketball are worn only on game days and only with the team shorts.
  • Shirts in a length closer to the knee then the waist are not permitted.
  • Shoes / Shoelaces

  • Shoes must be close toed.
  • Shoes must be solid white, black, gray, green, brown, or a two or three tone combination of these colors.
  • May not be Cortez, steel toed, slippers, or boots with heels.
  • Must be slip on or lace-up style, both with a :Back” or heal strap.
  • Shoelaces must be white, gray, black, green, or brown.
  • Shirts / Skorts

  • No more then 3 inches above the knee.
  • Must be Castillero green (Christopher)plain or solid gray.
  • Must not be rolled at the waist.
  • Pleats are not pinned or sewn.
  • Skirt must be zippered and buttoned, fastened or secured at the waist.
  • Socks / Stockings / Tights

  • May wear socks, knee socks, tights, leggings, or stockings with uniform skirt, skort, and shorts.
  • Fish net, open weave, and designs are not allowed.
  • Must be worn with shoes.
  • Must be white, gray, forest green, black, org brown.
  • Hair Accessories / Jewelry

  • School colors and natural colored metal, stone, wood, and feathers are allowed with the exception of red and blue.
  • Parents requesting for their child to opt-out of the uniform policy are to write a letter to the school principal stating the reasons for the request and meet with the principal personally before the opt out is in effect, as per Education Code 35183.

    ALL students MUST comply with SJUSD Appearance / Dress Code at all times.

    Where Everybody Belongs

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    Castillero Cobra Courtesies

    Mission Statement:

         In order to provide the highest degree of educational opportunities, the Castillero PBIS Team works to foster a positive and safe learning environment; we strive to increase happiness, healthiness, and productivity of our community while maintaining transparent and consistent behavioral expectations through explicit instruction on how to be respectful global citizens.

    Rules and Policies

    2017-2018 Student Handbook

    Manual de información para estudiantes del Distrito Escolar Unificado de San José 2017-18

    Castillero Uniform Policy

    Office Contact

    Bell Schedule

    I just returned from my daughter's orchestra concert, and as always I come away from a Castillero event thinking, "Parents would expect to pay thousands of dollars in tuition if this were a private school!" Castillero has 6 bands, 5 orchestras, 5 choirs, a full time drama teacher, a full time dance teacher and 3 full time art teachers. Every child gets 1 1/2 electives per year (2 1/2 if your child takes 0 period). My daughters had in dance, band, orchestra, drama and art. Everything except dance was fantastic. The school has very little bullying because everyone has their arts niche where they feel comfortable, talented and happy. When my daughter graduated she wept, "I can't leave band! They are my brothers and sisters!" The school sacrifices 1 semester of science each year to get in an extra elective, but I consider it completely worthwhile. As in every school there are strong and weak teachers in every subject. Math, science, social studies and language arts could all use improvements here and there, but overall it is an amazing school and I know our family will be grateful for the rest of our lives that our daughters were able to attend.

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